“COTTON -a natural fibre that civilized the world, built kingdoms, paved the  industrial revolution, employed millions, made slaves and masters, brought East India company into India, fired the swadesi Indian independence movement, survived through the ages and still going strong. The fibre that made the master and the slave, to stay with you always, from cradle to grave.”

Colour grown cotton is cotton that has been bred to have colours other than the yellowish off-white typical of modern commercial cotton fibres. The cotton’s natural colour does not fade and it has a softer feel than the more commonly available “white” cotton. A new arrival on the Western fashion market, naturally pigmented cotton originally flourished some 5,000 years ago in India, Egypt and South America. Its revival today draws on stocks first developed and cultivated by Indians in South and Central America. The natural cotton fibre colours are of a wide range in dark tan, brown, khaki, grey and green.

The textile industry is a gigantic industry – and it is gigantically polluting. The textile industry uses copious amounts of two things: water and chemicals. It is the number one industrial polluter of water in the world.
You can have an immense impact on lightening your environmental footprint by the textile choices you make.