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My Textile background

Studied wool production at Wagga Ag College – Worked in shearing shed – OIC  NSW Agriculture Fleece Meaurement Service – Wool Producer – Manager Llama & Alpaca Stud

An Eco background & Ongoing Eco focus

  • Deep ecology as the guiding philosophy to all my actions

Search for niche business opportunities

  • The need for personal sustainable economic independence
  • Choice of Eco-textile option
  • The Textile aesthetic
  • A light-weight, long-life, high vale product
  • The Indian connection – Fair Trade, Organic Cotton & travel opportunities

Registration of ‘Colour Grown Cotton’

  • A unique .com domain name
  • The alternative term for natural colour cotton
  • Also registered colorgrowncotton.com
  • Planning to register colourgrowncotton.com.au

Colour Grown Cotton and Wild Cotton Colours

  • Colour Grown Cotton – The Blog
  • Wild Cotton Colours – The E-commerce site for the brand
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